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Work It, Girl!

Sep 28, 2020

In this episode, we sit down with Co-Founder and COO of Bustld, Samie Roberts. Bustld is a wedding planning marketplace that was built to bring truth and transparency to the wedding industry to reduce the chaos in finding the right vendors and wedding inspiration for your dream day. As the Co-Founder of this innovative company that has truly changed the way couples plan their big days, Samie knows a thing or two about wedding planning and entrepreneurship and we dive into both those topics and more including: 

  • Building and scaling a technology business
  • How innovation can be applied to any industry if you have the right idea 
  • The pros and cons of building a business with your spouse 
  • How to balance being an entrepreneur with being a new mom
  • Why you must be willing to shift and innovate your own business to keep up with the changing world and needs of your market

For wedding planning inspiration or to explore Bustld's growing wedding marketplace, connect with Bustld on their website and social media accounts:

www. (Bustld's new live streaming service for weddings)
Instagram: @Bustld or
Check out Bustld's podcast, Every Day I'm Bustlin', for all things wedding planning, tips, and advice for both engaged couples and vendors!