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Work It, Girl!

Mar 2, 2021

In today's episode we talk with Molly Ruggere, the founder of Counterculture Club, about her journey to living a sober lifestyle and eventually creating Counterculture Club, an alcohol free lifestyle community. Molly shares why she ultimately chose to become sober and the many ways not drinking alcohol has changed her life for the better. Molly describes how her desire for a community of like-minded people to share experiences and growth together, without alcohol consumption, lead her to create Counterculture Club which has morphed into events, memberships, and alcohol freedom coaching work. Molly's opens up about:

  • Why her need for a life change lead to her to explore sobriety 
  •  How choosing to become sober has affected her relationships
  • Why alcohol is so ingrained in our society 
  • Why she believes Sobriety is a Superpower

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Instagram: @counterculture_club // @noglitterinthegutter