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Work It, Girl!

Apr 20, 2020

In Part 1 of our conversation with Erin Elizabeth Downing, we discuss building a foundation of self discovery and connect more with yourself and the world around you on a spiritual soul lever. We discuss how to dive into self discovery and spirituality in different ways to begin to shift our mindset away from our societal or familial programming and more towards our truest authentic self and way of living and showing up in the world. Erin covers how through combining physical, mental, and spiritual practices we can begin to stack our spiritual toolbox to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and how we may live a life as fulfilled as possible. Erin shares her knowledge and passion on topics including:

  • Her shift into self discovery and her spiritual awakening
  • Different practices and modalities Erin incorporates into her own life
  • How each person can resonate differently with a variety of practices and find value in different ways
  • How she utilizes her spiritual toolbox to guide her path and life 
  • What our Human Design can teach us about ourselves and the world around us 

Be sure to check out Part 2 of our interview with Erin where we dive even deeper into Human Design and our own charts! Connect with Erin to learn more about how to stack your own spiritual toolbox or to have Erin guide you with a reading of your Human Design Chart! 

Discover your Human Design
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Bonus Materials from Erin:
Adult Coloring Books 
Past Life Regression
Spirit Babies
Spirit Animal Tarot Deck
Human Design