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Work It, Girl!

Aug 24, 2020

In this episode, we have a conversation with Mindset Coach, Jenn Shull, Founder of The Bold Thing. We discuss how we can re-train our brains to change our previous programming and overcome our limiting beliefs in order to live a life filled with joy. Jenn's work as a mindset coach encompasses a vast area of strategies, and we discuss some of those topics such as: 

  • Overcoming thought patterns that do not serve us
  • How to address negative emotions in order to move past them more effectively
  • Why it is important to feel the full spectrum of emotions
  • The importance of connection and community in our lives
  • Challenges surrounding access to coaching and self empowerment work

To connect more with Jenn and to learn more about her work, visit her website at and connect with her on instagram @TheBoldThing