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Work It, Girl!

Feb 24, 2020

In this episode we sit down for a conversation with the Founder and CEO of See Her Lead, Jennifer Shiley. See Her Lead is an organization with the mission to help young women in high school form the foundations of leadership to build a life on, inspire them to reach their individual leadership potential, and prepare them to lead through the transitions of their lives. As a High School English teacher, Shiley recognized the parallel between the transitions experienced in high school and those that women continue to face as they advance into their futures, careers, and families. Through this, she realized the need to provide support for her female students as they began to explore their identity and took the leap to launch what is now known as See Her Lead. In this episode we discuss topics such as: 

  • Helping young women understand their value beyond the surface level or temporary experiences
  • Building confidence and leadership skills through entrepreneurship and business acumen
  • Fostering diversity and inclusivity while maintaining competition and high achievement
  • Discovering a deeper sense of self and improving your skill set through service and volunteerism

To learn more about See Her Lead, how you can support the organization, or how you can get a high school girl in your life involved in the organization and the upcoming Summer Summit, visit their website:
Instagram: @SeeHerLead
Facebook: See Her Lead