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Work It, Girl!

Aug 10, 2020

In this episode we sip some bourbon with all around boss babe Priya Malani, as she shares her money secrets with us. Priya is the founder and CEO of Stash Wealth, a financial planning and investment management firm for HENRYs™ [High Earners, Not Rich Yet]. We cover topics such as:

  • What is a HENRY™ [High Earner, Not Rich Yet], and how to become one if you aren't already
  • How to save money in a way that works for you
  • How to tackle paying down debt 
  • What to do with your finances when you find your life partner
  • How to passively invest your money
  • And much more!

Head over to to find out if you're a HENRY™ or a Future HENRY™ and checkout the services Stash Wealth has to offer

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  • Not a HENRY™ yet? Take the MONEYMASTERED course, an online course to get your Financial Sh*t together. Work It, Girl! listeners can get $100 off the course with the code WIGHOOKUP100
  • Already a HENRY™? Sign up for your personalized Stash Plan, where you will get a customized financial plan that works for you. Work It, Girl! listeners can get $100 off with the code WIGHOOKUP100


Connect with Priya and Stash Wealth:

Instagram: @priyamalaniofficial

Stash Wealth Instagram: @stashwealth