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Work It, Girl!

Jun 2, 2021

Are you the person that you want to be? If you answered “no”, to this question, what do you need to do to become that person who you want to be? We all have have roles we play in our lives, identities we present to the people around us, or ways we want to show up in the world, but are our daily practices in life actually in alignment with who we want to be in our lives? My guest on this episode is the Executive Director of Leadership Charlotte, Elizabeth McKee. Elizabeth’s story includes shattering stereotypes, making decisions and changing her mind, taking risks and becoming a more aligned version of herself with every life experience. Whether you consider yourself a leader or not, you will leave this conversation feeling empowered to make choices or changes in the way you live your life today that will get you closer to being the person you truly want to be.

Connect with Elizabeth and Leadership Charlotte: