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Work It, Girl!

Mar 23, 2020

In this episode, we sit down for a conversation with Samantha Smith, the founder and CEO of Vision, the only color search engine for interior design. Sam shares her story of building and growing Vishion and the unique challenges of being a start up founder. Sam speaks candidly about the good, bad and ugly of being a female start up founder of a technology based platform and how she tackles the daily challenges. We dive into important topics such as:

  • The unique challenges of being of female founder in the tech space
  • How to build a team and culture within a start up company
  • The need for diverse perspectives and team work in scaling a start up
  • The importance of support and buy in from your partner, family and friends as a start up founder

Connect with Sam and the Vishion team on instagram and download the Vishion app to explore the world of color and design for yourself!