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Work It, Girl!

Jun 22, 2020

In this episode, we chat with Tori Stevens, career coach extraordinaire and founder/CEO of EvolYOUtion. As a coach, Tori utilizes her knowledge gained during years of experience in corporate recruiting and education to help her clients shed their limiting beliefs and step into their power to build the life and career they desire and deserve. Tori's mission is to empower all women to understand their self worth, value, and trust through gaining confidence, communication and connection to a fulfilling career. In this episode, we cover many topics and challenges women face in their career journey such as: 

  • Why desire for high achievement can hold us back from true fulfillment
  • Defining your own true definition of success
  • Overcoming scarcity mindset and entry level mentality
  • Perception vs. Reality in terms of your career path

To learn more about Tori and her coaching mission, connect with her on Instagram and visit her website: 


Instagram: @evolYOUtion